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Relief from Lower Back and Neck Pain

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      At the Kraus Back and Neck Institute (KBNI), we specialize
                 in non-surgical as well as surgical treatments
                                of Back and Neck  Pain
     Conservative to Surgical Options: MINIMALLY INVASIVE SPINE SUGERY 
 "Applying Science to the Art of Medicine"                                                  
                 Dr. Kraus is available for Neurosurgery consultation (surgical and non-surgical) in Houston.
                      Offices:  1) West Houston Medical Center
                                    2) Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital
                                    3) Katy
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      To arrange  an appointment, call 281-870-9292,  visit
or   send an e mail
              For national and international patients, we can help with  travel arrangements
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                                            Dr. Kraus is honored to be listed in
                                            "Best Doctors in America" (2001-2008) and
                                             "Top Doctors of Houston, Texas" (2007, 2008, 2009)     

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Low Back Pain, can be very debilitating.  The effects of Low Back Pain in the USA are staggering!!

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      weight loss: Einstein                                   weight loss and albert einstein


"Energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed"
                                                     Albert Einstein
                                                            Theory of General Relativity

Expert Opinion on Fat Loss

Dangers of Excess Body Fat

Diet: There's no such thing as cheating

Diets don't work

Eating out

Reducing fat


No, we don't have to understand the theory of general relativity  ( Einstein) to understand how to lose weight (fortunately)!!  But it is very reassuring to us that this theory works!  Why is that reassuring? 

I frequently hear the following statements about weight loss::

  • "I am trying to lose weight, but it's not possible"
  • "I don't eat at all, and I still don't lose weight"
  • "its genetic, everyone in my family is heavy and over weight"
  • "I am going to start a diet tomorrow"
  • "I am going to lose ten pounds in two weeks with this diet"
  • "my friend eats everything and is still thin, and never gains weight"
  • "I am sick and tired of hearing about weight loss"


The reason that Einstein can help us is simple.  Reread the statement "energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed."  What does that mean?  It means that the sum total of matter and energy and in the universe is a constant.  Matter can be converted into energy, and energy into matter.  The famous formula E=mc2  means that the energy which can be generated from a certain mass is equal to the quantity of mass, multiplied by the velocity of light squared.

What does all this mean for us?  I know that if I want to lose five pounds of fat, I must essentially convert this mass of fat into energy.  I can see the fat on my body, but not the energy.  The energy is expended during exercise.  The fat which was on my body was used as fuel to make energy, and this energy was used to move my muscles and bones, to exercise.  The energy will look better on me that the fat will; you can't see the energy, but you can see the reduced fat, and the muscles that develop.

What? You don't believe me?  Take a pile of wood in the fireplace.  This is a mass, a cold pile of logs.  But if I set the wood on fire, heat and light are generated.  What happens to the wood.  Its mass was converted into energy.  The exact conversion factors ( how much wood created how much heat and light) are easily calculated.  The energy to provide heat and light was always in the piece of wood, just in another form, mass.  It was not converted. 

The same is true of the fat in one's body.  Again, if one wants to lose 5 pounds of fat, what does one do? How much energy does one need to create (from the fat).  Let's go to some commonly accepted numbers and conversion factors to find out.  5 pounds is equal to 2.3 kilograms (2.2 pounds are in a kilogram (1000 grams)).  One gram of fat produces nine calories of energy.  Therefore, 2.3 kilograms (2300 grams which is equal to five pounds) produces 20,700 calories of energy.  This would mean that if one burned 20,700 calories, than five pounds of fat would have been used up to create this energy.  Now, let's say that one ran 6 miles per hour for 30 minutes, and burned roughly 500 calories.  It would take forty one of these sessions to burn the 20,700 calories required to lose the five pounds of weight in fat.  If one runs four times per week, that's 10 weeks, to burn off five pounds of fat.  That's right, just ten weeks of running 30 minutes at six miles per hour will burn the energy of five pounds of fat!! 

That sounds easy enough, doesn't it?  It should be easy to lose weight, shouldn't it?  But then why does the mechanism to lose weight elude us?  Why is it that so many people are on diets, but few are losing weight?  Why is is that there are so many diets available? If there were a magic bullet, and if one diet worked, then the others would fade away as everyone flocked to the successful one.  Of course there is not one answer, but many.  Let's focus on some of the main causes, and then branch out into more specifics. 




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